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 Venlafaxine (Effexor)
 Profuse Sweating with effexor?
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Posted - 07/15/2005 :  06:31:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
Hi all, first time poster here. I have been taking this med for the last 9 months and because of the side effects, have decided to stop taking it. I was taking 75mgs a day and am now taking 0.

i have been having most of the withdrawal symptoms that have been mentioned so far, but one thing that I am experiencing is very profuse cold sweats. At the slighest bit of heat or activity, the old sweat pumps open full bore and I am a damp mess. Now I have experienced this even when on the drug and am wondering if this is normal? I know that people have mentioned sweating as both a side effect and withdrawal symptom, but is it normal for it to be so extreme. It got so bad yesterday that the nurse at my work took my vitals which revealed a higher BP and Puls rate. I am just wondering if others have had it this bad. My skin can be cold and I am sweating profusely.

This really sucks and i am wondering how much more of this i can expect as there is no way in hell that i will take this drug again even for a slow taper.

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Posted - 08/07/2005 :  16:43:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I had profuse sweating coming off effexor eventually stopped but it does take quite a bit of time.


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Posted - 08/22/2005 :  06:14:54  Show Profile  Visit Dave's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic

All you need to do is read petition signatures:
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Posted - 09/18/2005 :  23:35:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
Thank you so much Dave for posting this link for the petition on Effexor. I just went there and read the petition and could not believe what i read there!! I am so angry because I have been on Effexor for a long time and have experienced basically all of the adverse reactions listed on the petition. I was never informed of these possible reactions and my doctor dismissed my concerns about these problems I was having. I had begun to wonder if I had lost my mind. At times I experience severe anxiety and agitation with outbursts of extreme anger which are frightening to my family and myself. I suffer from insomnia, bizarre dreams, deteriorating eyesight, profuse sweating, memory problems and more recently high blood pressure and low thyroid. I am depressed and cry all the time. In the beginning, it seemed the effexor alleviated the depression to some extent but after years of this drug I feel much worse and could not understand why until i found this site and read someof the articles and posts here. I'm sorry......i forgot to mention that i am new here and this is my first post on this forum. I'm sure I will learn much more here and am so glad i found this site!!
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Posted - 10/17/2005 :  13:00:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
Welcome to the forum, you other post on the Effexor withdrawal syndome. It sounds awful, I cannot imagine it.

I looked at the petetion, Dave, even though I have never been on Effexor in my life, and after reading this, certainly never intend to!

Welcome to MCONPRO, too. As I don't take Effexor I don't come to this part of the site much, and didn't realise how many new posters come here! I guess the Effexor side effects are so bad that people log on just to let everyone know about them.

What attracted me to this thread was the mention of profuse sweating, as I have been experiencing this myself. I am on celexa. I think it is listed as a side effect for most anti-depressant meds, but you don't realise just how bad it is until you start to experience it. You think, "sweating, can't be that bad!" and then it hits you!

It is not that warm here in the UK at the moment and yet after walking for more than ten minutes I am sweating so much that I have to take my coat/jumper off. Everyone else is there walking along all bundled up in their winter layers and I am there in my shirt sleaves, and still wet! I end up with a river running down my back! It makes me feel dirty and sticky and like I need another shower, even if I only had one ten minutes ago.

I have not done much heavy exercise lately so I don't know how bad it would be if I did that. However, I did do a run for charity a few weeks ago and went bright purple and sweated a lot, but in a run you expect to do that anyway. It's when you've just walked a few metres that it gets embarrassing! During the run my head did start popping and my brain felt cold and tingly (?), and I was worried that my body couldn't cope with this much exertion AND being on antidepressants, and that I was getting that thing called serotonin syndrome or something! The weird feeling did subside, though, and I didn't die but successfully finished the run (if very slowly!).

Yup, sweating sucks. My boyfriend - also on anti-depressants - gets the sweating too and sometimes has water running down the side of his face and droplets falling off him, after a short walk!

I was wondering, when does it end? I have been on these meds for around seven weeks, I think. Is it classed as one of the side-effects that goes after your body gets used to it, or is it here to stay??

Definitely not the most glamourous of the anti-depressants effects.
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Posted - 10/17/2005 :  14:11:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I've read that the only side effects from effexor that are likely to persist are weight gain and sexual dysfunction. However, I have been on this med since the end of June, I take 300mgs daily, and the sweat is running of me right now just with the effort of typing. I have to change the bed much more often than usual and like Heather am walking around apparently too lightly dressed for the weather, but wishing I could peal off more.

Ok, I'm female and 49, menopause comes to mind and I know that my pdoc believes this is why I am sweating like this. I got the result of a blood test today which was specifically to measure my hormone levels and I am NOT menopausal. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Dr B, and when you're finished, please help me out with this problem.

Eek, sorry, didn't mean to vent. I'd better go and calm down.

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Posted - 10/17/2007 :  16:54:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
This is the first time that I have researched the sweating issue online and I am glad to find that there are other people experiencing the same problem.

The excessive perspiration that I experience is HORRIBLE. I can't even vacuum my apartment without having sweat dripping off of my face. I just started a new job that requires me to wear a dress shirt and tie while doing physically demanding duties. It is so embarrassing to have sweat rolling off of me all the time. I am probably going to have to have my ties dry cleaned every time I use them because they get soaked with sweat every day.

Has anyone found any relief from the sweating, even if it means taking another medication to stop it? I take 300mg of Effexor every day and I can honestly say that I have never felt better (mentally). I am scared to stop taking it, not only because of the withdrawals, but also because I don't want to get depressed again.

Also, I seem to be able to do nothing but sleep on my days off from work. I got home at about 5 pm yesterday, I passed out on the couch by 6:30 and slept until about 5pm tonight. This, unfortunately, is "normal" for me. Has anyone experienced this, or know if it might be caused by the medication?

I should also mention that I take Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm glad I found this forum!

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Posted - 10/26/2007 :  16:34:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
From what I remember about sweating, there are 3 reasons for perspiration:
1. Cooling off the body
2. Extreme nervousness
3. Detoxification

2 & 3 sound like the like culprits for getting the sweats, especially #3. I regularly detox by going to the sauna or steam room and went every day after I quit effexor the second time. It takes a while to get used to the heat (drink lots of water too), but your body does get rid of the toxins (including effexor's byproducts by this method).

I would suggest a sauna or steam for anyone experiencing the sweats. The less toxins in your body, the less you will sweat. LOL!
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Posted - 03/06/2008 :  14:49:13  Show Profile  Visit ahythloday's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I don't have much of a problem with sweating during the day but I have such horrible nightsweats that I literally become dehydrated and cannot go out during the day. I'm so dehydrated that I start dry heaving the moment I wake up and it takes several glasses of water and many, many hours for the headaches to subside.
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Posted - 07/03/2008 :  23:57:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I have recently visited my pdoc about my body overly sweating with little or no activity. The sweating is horrible and I feel it is out of control. I noticed in a restaurant one day that I had droplets of water coming off my face and felt my whole body had just been in a shower. Looking around, no one else appeared overheated or affected the same way I was from the room temperature. I knew then this wasn't normal. I have been on 300 mg of Effexor XR for 9+ years. I had blood work done and my thyroid etc blood tests come back normal. I had more blood tests to check my hormone levels with my pdoc thinking I am pre-menopause. Will find out the results next week.I still have periods and haven't really had the night sweats. My pdoc said he would start me on small doses of hormone therapy. I happened to ask him about effexor xr and wondering if this could be the cause of my horrible sweating. He said yes, it could be and decided to stop me cold turkey from taking effexor xr. He now has me taking Pristiq 100 mg which is the equivalent to the effexor xr 300 mg. I'm on day 2 of Pristiq and not sure what to expect. I was so happy to find out from reading other comments that effexor xr might be the cause of my sweating. I too have noticed a weight gain in taking effexor xr. I asked my pdoc how soon I would notice the sweating going away from taking effexor xr and he said at least two or more weeks. I can only hope this will help the sweats. Pristiq seems to be a new drug so I hope it will also help my serotonin levels. Time will tell.
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Posted - 10/05/2008 :  12:57:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I have been taking effexor 150mg for about 3 weeks and I was sweating profusely almost the whole time. I would wake up 2-3 times a night to change my clothes because they were soaked in sweat, and in the morning I would be so dehidrated I couldn't eat for hours. Then, by accident, I discovered that marijuana brought my sweating completely back to normal; when on cannabis I only sweat when I'm supposed to. The stomach pains associated with effexor are also releaved, although I think they might have been from being dehidrated.
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Posted - 10/05/2008 :  21:08:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic

I was taking effexor and cannabis and ended up schizophrenic.
Please be careful.

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Posted - 05/27/2010 :  13:21:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I was on Cymbalta 30mg once a day and was very happy with it except for the decreased sex drive I was experiencing. I went to my doctor and he changed me to effexor 75mg 2 tabs twice a day which is 300mg a day. After taking the effexor for 2 weeks I began having night sweats. After 3 days of(moderate)night sweats they became EXTREME and severe. I can't describe how bad they were. I was sleeping on multiple towels and getting up and having to dry off every few hours. After a few more nights the sweats began to happen during the day, and they became COLD sweats. I was sooooo cold but sweating just coming out of the shower. I immediately took myself off the effexor and called my doctor and had him call in a new refill of my cymbalta. It took an entire week of being off the effexor cold turkey for the sweats to even SUBSIDE. It is now two weeks after i've been off of the effexor and my life is FINALLY starting to get back to normal. I feel better and the sweats are almost all gone. I was (and am) sooo happy with the cymbalta that I should have never, and won't again, change. I will never refer effexor to anyone!!! Stay away!!!!
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Posted - 06/23/2011 :  12:51:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
1st time posting for me too. I was Googling profuse sweating from Effexor and found this forum posting.
Looks like this issue has been going on for years. Here it is 2011, and the thread was started in 2005! Well, I too suffer from ridiculous sweating since being put on first Wellbutrin, then Citalopram, and now have been switched to Effexor (the Citalopram was causing a severe problem with suicidal thoughts, and the Wellbutrin just wasn't helping much. I sweat from performing even simple tasks, like getting dressed. I begin to sweat almost immediately after getting out of the shower. Any room that is over 65 degrees Fahrenheit seems blisteringly hot to me. People freeze when they come to my house, but I have to keep cool air blowing at me to keep from perspiring.

I am on 150 mg of Effexor at night and 37.5 in the morning. It has greatly improved my moods, taken away my suicidal thoughts, and reduced my dependencies on benzodiazepines (Xanax and Clonazepam). I can take some side effects, but this sweating is almost disabling. Going to the doctor on Tuesday for a follow-up (I was in a psych hospital 2 weeks ago for 5 days), and I'm going to see what she says.

Joy in WI
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Posted - 08/05/2011 :  09:15:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I am on Effexor for the 2nd time in my life and am seeing the dx shortly because I can't stand the excessive sweating. Effexor works best on me for depression but geez .... just moving makes sweat run down my face! If only the lab could come up with something that works just as well without the side effect, it would be awesome!
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Posted - 02/05/2013 :  15:38:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Reply to Topic
I to am having the excessive sweating, it's mainly the back of my head and neck, also on face (mainly on back of neck/head; with that I will have cold fingers.....very very weird. I have told my rheumatologist and sleep doc; sleep doc said it was the nortriptyline I am taking...but yea I suppose it could be the effexor too...and/or maybe the combo....uuughhh. I have fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, RA and osteoarthritis. Unfortunately I have a lot going on and it's just gonna be a trial and error w/meds....I would rather feel pain then this embarrassing head sweating...I can't even style my hair b/c I know it will be all wet on the back of my neck/head...FRUSTRATING....any doctor comments would be helpful...Thanks..!!

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